Saturday, 11 May 2019

The wrenery...

seen from the orangery.
It is a completely safe area for 
garden birds.
A pair of robins have been feeding their young.  The young robins speckled breast a-go-go have also come to help themselves.  They must feel a degree of safety due I suppose in no small part to the fact the glass roof gives them a feeling of security.

Of the wrens just one fleeting glance; surely they know the whole shebang has been named after them and this is all the thanks I get?


  1. Still can't reply to your comments, Lettice? You may have already thought of this, but you could do what I do -- copy and paste the comments/replies into your next entry. I do it so readers don't have to look back at old entries to see if I've responded, but you'd have a different reason!

    At least you've got your recent entries back! I'm along for the adventure ... can't wait to see more pics and hear more about your new home.


  2. I'm sure I really NEED a wrenery!
    Look forward to more photos of your garden - it looks wonderful - different to the seaside garden!

  3. Was there another post that I commented on? I might be losing the plot too!! I love your wrenery and I'm sure once you've been checked out the wrens will be back! x

  4. Perhaps the robins appropriated the wren's nests! In any case, I hope it is not renamed the robinry.


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