Friday, 10 May 2019

I seem to be...

losing the blogging plot,
only in order to try to be just Lettice, not a lot to ask is it?
My posts since we moved here have mysteriously disappeared.
This amply illustrates that a little knowledge is a bad thing.
All this has come about by me trying to re-jig my settings.
All I have managed to succeed in doing is buggering everything up.

This post is purely a test, so once again I will be unable to reply and in a puff of smoke all might float up, up and away?

The staddle stone has landed in Ludlow.  The garden is truly superb, the lady of the house was a garden designer and it certainly shows.


  1. I want a staddle stone. Want. Want. Want. I did not know them until I opened this post, and now I MUST have one. I looked them up. Magnificent!
    Now, I hope you can chase the wicked fairey from your blog. I suspect you have more important things to do right now, like make your own garden and put away more things. But maybe you can burn some sage.

  2. I can see your old posts,if that is any consolation. Keep writing and we'll enjoy reading!

  3. Good to hear from you. Hope the unpacking is going well. More photos please of the whole garden......(if you can keep the blogging working! )

  4. I would certainly bugger everything up if I tried to tweak the Ole Blog so I leave well enough alone... besides, Blog Withdrawal is not a pretty sight...


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