Thursday, 30 May 2019

I’ve decided what every girl...

needs is a tickling stick.
Well to be more exact what this girl needs...
Why, you might well wonder?
In my infinite wisdom, as the dog pestering has to take a back seat as the sensible bit of me... yes I do have a tad, realises that with all the upheaval, a nervy rescue dog wouldn’t settle with all the stuff that is going on at the mo.  Long sentence... sorry!
I am now set on a feather duster... no, no NO, not to do anything so common as housework!  To direct, marshal, persuade the many and various bees that find their way into the Wrenery to work the roses... home with their rucksacks loaded with pollen.  A very good idea I modestly think!  Where I went wrong was to have the husband in tow when I went shopping in town.  Starting off in Ludlow’s answer to the pound shop, the guinea shop, their offerings were not to put too fine a point on it beyond the pale.  On we trogged, I eventually found just the thing, a  wonderful being of an item... hold tight, my heart is going all of a quiver at the thought.  A magnifico black ostrich feather duster with an extendable stick.  Good job I had my smelling salts with me as I nearly had a severe case of the vapours with the excitement of it all! I casually looked at the price £35!  Over my shoulder I felt the presence, sniffing in disgust or maybe horror... dunno!?!  That in an instance completely and utterly put my grand idea of buying it and passing it off as an upmarket £5.99 Ludlow special.  Mind you, so much cheaper than a dog and I would be doing my bit for the bee population with style and panache.


  1. I'd want an ostrich for that price! I'm sure you could train it to chase bees? :D x

  2. Bees are quite capable of finding their own way home! If you trap them in the feathers the pollen on their legs is going to knocked off. Also you could damage their fragile wings. Please don't harm bees.

  3. Now that is a very High End Duster if I must say so!

  4. What's it made of? Ostrich feathers?


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