Wednesday, 29 May 2019

Yes Joanne...

 I’m ‘painting’!  A picture of what actually happened.  It may not surprise you to know I never read instructions, another one of my odd habits.  The husband reads them to the letter.  Why oh why did I a.) allow myself to be party to this strange practice and b.) then not follow through on the final and important advice to enclose the wormery to prevent escapees?
I wouldn’t mind but yesterday sat in the garden having lunch, two of the little buggers slithered by.  They were smartly returned from whence they came.  In the meantime we await another flaming bag of the vipers nest of worms we have had to pay more good money for!  Blooming serve us right some might say!


  1. I'm afraid I read yesterdays post and thought 'she's back on the wine'! I had no idea what you were talking about so I didn't dare comment until I understood better! Now I understand. You are on the whine!! lol. Only kidding. xx

  2. Yes, I read the this post before the previous one, and thought....Whaat! Sorry, but I had to laugh when I found the full story! Not something I have ever fancied dealing with.....not too bothered with worms per se, but not in their hundreds in one place thank you very much!!

  3. I wonder what became of my grandson's wormery. Better than not reading, I'm first rate ate forgetting.


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