Friday, 17 May 2019

The thing is...

I do tend to act my shoe size instead of my age.  Today was a case in point, excited to get in the same post, the quote from the company making our fitted wardrobes and my first ever pair of crocs.  On both these counts I am fully aware that excitement isn’t what you would expect from  any sane person?  Crocs, I have always been very sniffy about; who in their right mind would clap rubber/plastic ugly footwear to their trotters, I ask you?  Being of an impressionable age (!?!) on seeing my lovely new osteopath wearing them I thought, maybe, just maybe, they are the thing to wear to cushion the old wear and tear on the ancient bod?
Putting them on and just like Cinderella donning the glass slipper, finding it fits and more to the point, comfort is the name of the game. I got rather overcome!  On the blower I go to 
chat about the quote, blow me down
 with a feather... the line is only engaged.  When a girl’s on a roll it is very frustrating to have to wait.  Then to add insult to injury after a squillon try’s they have only gone and put the blooming thing on answerphone! My message started sedately enough,
 well for me sedate, then got 
cheekier by the minute, ending with something along the lines of can you call me back after you 
have had your sarnie (it was 
lunchtime)and got your feet off
 the desk.  Well, I mean to say,
 what was I thinking about, even 
himself looked up, he who is used
 to my utterances.  Later on after much thought and since I have been meditating I haven’t had regrets about things I’ve done and said... until today!  I decided I ought to email and apologise, which I have done.  What possessed me, I ask you?  All my life I have sailed close to the wind, even in the very exalted circles I used to work in, I always said stupid 
stuff.  Please tell me one day,
I will grow up?


  1. I love this sentence: "I haven’t had regrets about things I’ve done..."....

    Have a great day

  2. Oh you don't want to grow up for goodness sake! Growing old disgracefully is the way to go! I hope the quote hasn't gone up though lol. x

  3. Don't forget to slide the loop down over the back of your heels when you're scooting along on the scooter. Crocs have a mind of their own at times and things could get ugly if one decided to lose contact with the scooting foot lol
    Don't they say.....growing up is for sissies...sissy you definitely are not :)

  4. I have fully grown and sane friends and relatives who wear only Crocs. The shoes (?) are now so spiffy they can be worn to class one outings.

  5. I have never had any crocs....not for reasons of fashion, or otherwise, but they always look so " big". I have narrow thin feet and I suspect they would just fall off!!

  6. The Man has to wear Crocs now on account of his Foot problems and having Traumatic Brain Injury it's just easier for him to independently put his own Shoes on himself. I got him some Leather and Suede ones so they wouldn't look like Children's Footwear! *LOL*


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