Monday, 20 May 2019

Nobody knows we’re...

here, well apart from a few well
screened friends and family...
Oh, and the three men and a dog that look at my blog on a regular basis!?!
For some unknown reason just this afternoon I have developed a very bad case of the giggles.  I’d love to say it’s the wine, sadly I have morphed into a boring old fart since giving up the Oh-be-joyfuls.  The reason is we have had quite a day trying to find a fridge/freezer to fit into a space that no self respecting fridge/freezer would be seen dead in.  The husband featured in the garden picture has been on a mission to look up the dimensions of all John Lewis’s stock.

He is now lying down in a darkened
room after not only drawing a blank but being the butt of my hilarity.
As if that wasn’t enough he kicked off the morning by sweet talking the lady I possibly, more likely definitely, offended on the dog and bone on Friday afternoon.
His immortal words were
‘LL has been allowed out under caution!’  
Can’t you just tell he was a very
 proper copper?

I have enjoyed my day getting the little kitchen in the
garden room cleaned and shipshape.  And the top part of the garden,  just outside the West Wing, organised. A happy day, is it any wonder I got the giggles, I ask you? 


  1. You sound much happier already. Hoping for lots more days of giggles! Is your blog comment problem fixed yet? If not, I might have to send my hubby down to look at it. He just needs to threaten to look at our machines and they magically work again even though I've tried every darn thing to 'fix' the problem. He takes one look at it and it works - it can be very annoying!! x

  2. looks lovely..happy freezer hunting!

  3. What a sweet little kitchen. I like the hanging rack! And the towel. Glad to see it pressed into service.

  4. A garden room AND a West wing - wow!
    You sound so settled already and that garden looks wonderful

  5. That husband of yours doesn't look as if he is taking his mission very seriously!
    Perhaps he is thinking hard about it? I have got one of those daisy plates....it comes out when the family are here for a rare lunch, and gets a slab of butter plonked on it! What will you put in the lovely white sink? Did you bring it with you? (I would probably fill it with herbs)

  6. you have a happy live...

    love your kitchen design


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