Sunday, 26 May 2019

Ludlow Update...

moving is for the young, I’ve decided.
When you take up residence in a new town it feels like you’re on holiday...
You treat yourselves to trying out the new restaurants.
The shops and what they sell need to be given a whirl.
We now have a fishmonger, a dying breed if ever there was one, it means we are eating lots of fish.  Living right next to the sea at our last house, the very first time I went into our local beachside fish shop I was charged £17 for a small piece of sea bass.  Strange to say I never had the desire to darkened their door from then on.   I had the distant impression that they charged what they thought you could afford?  I made a mental note to never go out dripping in diamonds ever again!  The funny thing is the fish here this far from the sea is sparkling fresh.

The dreaded three letter word with four legs is currently occupying my head.  Himself is weakening, and sad to say I am, much against 
my better judgement agreeing with him... that now wouldn’t be the ideal time to get a dog.  However that doesn’t stop me each night 
ploughing through the 75 pages of dogs at the Dogs Trust looking for
 a home! In fact after a hard day in the garden I am just off to 
have a quick look, just in case, 
you understand?


  1. It sounds the same as ploughing through 78 pages of weaving patterns. Almost as much ongoing trouble as vet care! I'm glad you are settling in so well.

  2. A positive regarding getting a dog asap is that you will make friends very quickly. 2 of my " best friends" were made through the dogs ! You stop to talk to people with other dogs and if you think you like them.....you hope to see them again, and thus it can go on to friendship. ( however, don't get to know much older people with dogs as that can lead to many years of " caring" for them.. the dog and the person.....as I know !! The opposite way round is OK !!)

  3. There is never a right time to get a dog. There will always be reason not to get one. Go for it!! x


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