Monday, 27 May 2019

‘Twenty six!’

My funny little foibles?
Everything in my world is 26!
Where does this come from? Who knows?
To give you an example if the husband asks how many slices of toast, my reply is always Twenty six! I only ever get one weekdays, two at the weekend.  Why does he ask I idly wonder?  Just asked him what else I say the same to, his reply try the word anything and everything.
As I sit up in bed tapping this out I am surveying the three quarter painted room.  Now the thing is... Pale Oak looked superb in our timber framed rooms in Goudhurst, here on smooth even walls I’m not so sure?  I sort of get the feeling I am waking up in a newly born babies nappy!  Especially as I am advocating doing the ceiling the same colour!?!  I could always blame it on the light in Ludlow as I trog up to the garden room to survey 
the twenty six sample pots of the wonderful Craig and Rose chalky emulsion! 
The trouble is the magical figure is actually getting closer and the more colours I have to choose the harder it is getting.  Mind you by the time the fitted wardrobes are made the funky rad. installed, the pictures on the wall, all twenty six of them, the wall colour will hardly show through!


  1. My mother did about the same thing. She had one answer for any question she thought she had previously answered, and that answer was "Green". Twenty six would have been equally effective.

  2. I say twenty million! I like to think big lol. Picking paint colours these days is a nightmare. I remember the days when you could get white or magnolia that was it. Now there is every shade of white to cream and all the ones inbetween! There is at least twenty million to choose from! x

  3. makes less to choose from, compared to 42....

  4. just found this...might this be part of your problem...orat least similar?


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