Tuesday, 25 June 2019

‘Let me ask you...

something, how do you sleep at night?’
It all started off so well, the phone rang, I answered and a very polite gentleman said
‘Good afternoon Ma’am!’  
That put my back up to start as for years I had to call certain women Ma’am!
‘Good afternoon!’ my cagey reply.
‘How are you today?’
‘Very well thank you!’ by now my dander was inflating at speed as deep inside I just knew exactly where this was going.
‘I am phoning from BT about your broadband!’
Here we go, here we go thought I.
The acoustics in the Orangery are very good added to which after years of public speaking I do have a commanding voice...
‘Let me ask you something!’
‘Certainly Ma’am!’
All going well so far, I’m sure he thought.
‘How well do you sleep at night after your day’s work of conning innocent people out of their hard earned life savings?’
Surprisingly the line stayed open, the plug wasn’t pulled, giving me chance to say...
‘When you climb into bed, last thing at night what thoughts go through your head as you drift off?  Do you feel guilt at the turmoil you have caused in peoples’ lives?’

He was listening of that I am sure.  I put the phone down thinking maybe, just maybe?
Who knows? 


  1. Even one shamed from the face of the earth will be an improvement.

  2. When we had our land line, with no caller ID I sometimes kept these people going for ages. " My computer is working properly? Oh Dear! What would you like me to do?" In what I hoped was an " old sounding voice". Can you switch it on they say.....yes say I but it might take a while....it's upstairs ! So a bit of huffing and puffing later I say I am at the computer. Can you click on the bottom left hand corner where it says " start". I can't see that says I.. Bottom left hand corner says he. So we carry on like that for a while, until I get bored and say, sod off, I use a Mac anyway in my normal brisk voice. At least I have kept him away from someone else for a while. I don't get too have such fun now as my mobile tells me who is calling and I mainly ignore numbers from Leeds, Manchester etc. I can then easily block them!

  3. Replies
    1. Since moving here we have an all singing, all dancing telephone with caller display, which we’ve always had, however this one has a blocking device. When you realise, you just block that number, trouble is this BT scam is coming up on loads of different numbers... so on we go, blocking at each turn. The husband used to do the exact same thing as you Frances, with the final word when they enquire as to what is on the screen? His parting shot is ‘SCAM!’ at which point they sod off!


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    1. Celina, Thanks for that, I now know where to go when I hit a snag.


    2. ? really??? Are you attracting them now??? lol x

    3. I wonder why it says I posted that at 13.18 when its 21.18 on my computer? There are strange things afoot!

    4. I really have no idea how this all works? Maybe I should zap them as spam, what do you think? This is what makes me want give up on blogging all the odd people that seem to use you as a platform for their whatever?



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