Friday, 8 November 2019

Slimmers club...

 nonchalantly she stepped on the scales, so chilled about the fact this was the first weigh in she decided to sit on them!
0.7 kg.... put on!
How could this have happened?  After a seismic reduction of portion sizes, only healthy snacks, no unhealthy fast food.
No worries therefore of what the scales might say.  How wrong could she have been to have ne’er a care?

What a joy to be a dog!

And seeing as you’re asking the training isn’t going okay.
On the night, she was fine after the initial problems of her shyness and fear.
The clicker training went well.  The whistle training went well-ish.
Problem was on the first day doing our homework the very first click frightened her so much, we haven’t gone near it since.  Even if she suspects I have it in my hand she won’t even get off her bed.
Sunday night we go back not having done one iota of homework.  The naughty step beckons, I can see it all now!  No difference really to my progress through school.

On her trip back for Doggie Fat club, the vet twice said he would have her like a shot.
My reply... 

‘On yer bike Sunshine!’

I have a way with words.


  1. Well, did he put on his vet pants and give her the shot?

    1. He was surprisingly understanding and a lovely man too. He has fallen for her big time!


  2. I fear she's found out that the way to a dogs heart is through her stomach! You might have to buy a treadmill lol. I see she's snuggled up to hubbys hand, so things are at least moving in a forward direction! I don't like clickers for training I'm very much a verbal sound should be enough sort of person, lets face it, what will you do if you forget your clicker one day!! One word commands and as long as she stops when you want her to and returns when you call what more do you need? (mine returns when he's finished sniffing or playing when it suits him, so perhaps I'm not your best example!) If you watch YouTube, I got all my best advice from Victoria Stillwell. I think her style is brilliant and its easy to see how its the owners that create most of the problems! I bought her cd for fireworks to ensure our dog would be ok and so far so good. How was Ellie on Guyfawkes? My daughter bought your gadget and gives it 8/10 She says she felt her dog calmed down quicker than normal this year but she lives next to a field where all the locals set off fireworks and its like a war zone for days round there plus she only got the machine a week before so he didn't get much time to get used to it, but she's impressed so far. Bring it on New Year!! x

    1. I must say MG I’m with you about clickers. She is bright enough to cope with verbal and for us not to bother with the clicker. What Boudicca will say heavens knows? Just hope her knives haven’t been sharpened recently? The whistle might be good if we are ever able to let her off. The vet did say she wouldn’t want to leave the security of your presence, so she won’t go far. With my oodles of animal magnetism it’s hardly surprising!?!

      So pleased you daughter is getting a good result from her plinky-plonky gadget. Ellie wasn’t not fussed, mind you with the average age of the residents around here of 103, I don’t suppose many of them were out on the 5th playing with their roman candles’n’stuff?



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