Tuesday, 14 January 2020

While I wait...

‘patiently’ pruning my nails to the quick.  I decide to phone
Mick and Mick our pet greenhouse aficionados.
‘Would you have any cedar wood left over to cobble together a teeny-weeny greenhouse for me?’
I have a way with words!

The two Michaels have been greenhouse erectors since leaving school; their firm shut up shop leaving them high and dry at the ripe old age of knocking on for seventy.  They had worked along side each other all those years and still call each other friends.  Who else would you want to make you a greenhouse, I ask you?

I don’t know whether Mick was shocked at hearing from me after all these years, or surprised at my straight to the jugular question, or the fact we now live blooming miles away in Shropshire.

‘Being a straight talking woman I would fully understand if you said  on your bike LL!’ Giving him what I thought a great get out of jail free card?

After the shock of the call probably he needed to go and lie down, that or adjust his pacemaker?

His reply to my ‘cobble together’ question was that wouldn’t be possible!  No surprise there as they did work for one of the top
greenhouse companies!  When he and his wife see Mick and his wife for their regular dinner date, he would find out what Mick the driver had to say and maybe they would consider putting up a greenhouse for me.

Just send me your address and postcode and I will google earth you to see your garden...

They’ll have a blooming difficult job as my garden is so small you would struggle to see it from a drone, let along a flaming satellite!

Me outside my wonderful greenhouse in Goudhurst.  I still miss that  garden.


  1. Both lovely gardens in their way! A decent greenhouse is worth its weight in gold

    1. Both pictures are of the same garden and greenhouse... oh and the same me!


  2. I was just going to bed after booking a birthday present online for the hub at Alban Arena....some sort of live music next week on Friday 24th ...Chicago blues movies music ..he might like it but I def will!!
    Just checking round my blog pals and found a " proper" photo of you. You look like my my sort of pal.!! x

    1. How you can tell I’ve really no idea, maybe the umbrella without much fabric was the clincher? Enjoy the music happening, just sort of trick I play!


  3. Replies
    1. Err... handkerchief size garden requires handkerchief size greenhouse and they don’t really exist Joanne, unless of course they are custom made by two craftsmen. Then of course the cost for wacky and one-off bumps up the price.


  4. You might have to sell your body LL! However, if those two men love a challenge, this might be the very thing for them! Your 'old' greenhouse looks wonderful, I just have a wee ordinary aluminium one but I make good use of it and love having it. Good luck I hope your plans works out for you! x


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