Friday, 14 February 2020

St Valentine’s day on...

Clee Hill.
A romantic picnic is planned.
Wild, woolly and windy romance is in the air and on the wind.
Our hearts will be racing, not sadly with desire but with the effort of getting to the top!
My plan is to shelter in the hollow just by the trig point.
On the menu is wild smoked Alaskan salmon, avocado and cucumber sandwiches washed down with individual flasks of mushroom soup.  Ellie will have an assortment of snacklets, the main being my homemade liver biscuits which she adores.
The bubbles can wait for tonight, it’s as much as I can do to get off the mountain with a clear head. The Cremant de Loire might encourage me to fly!?!

Six months to...

get here!  Ellie has at last deigned to sit on the husband’s lap! As you can see she isn’t 100% sure even now! ...