Sunday, 18 October 2020

“Have another...

‘Be patient’ tablet LL!” he said.

Chuntering quietly to myself, I do try to ‘Chill man, chill!’

With the thought of the allotment on the back burner-ish(?) Saturday morning has found me having a lovely time pottering in the garden, mixing the wonderful home made compost from the hot bin with some spent compost, grit and Perlite, call me a witch I don’t care!  I have been planting tulip bulbs and potting on home grown winter flowering violas.  My greenhouse is a place of solace in these strange times.

The electrician came to quote for the Edison effect of the burbling, bubbling water feature millstone nicked from the local flour mill.  Is it any wonder there is a shortage of flour these days? 

‘While you’re here fannying around with all things volts, amps, mega watts’n’stuff could you put a light in the greenhouse, so the night shift can work without miners helmets, Davy lamps and canaries?’

He looked at me weirdly, was it the word ‘fannying’ that offended I idly wondered?


  1. While he's fannying around in the greenhouse find out if he can also insert some waterproof power in case you want to heat the greenhouse at some time! I have a power cable fed into my greenhouse but I've never actually used it yet!! But it might be of interest to you.
    It sounds like you're having a lovely time pottering about. I've all but abandonned the garden to its fate for now. I go out and rake up leaves every now and then but thats about it! Enjoy your pottering and I hope your electician isn't too expensive! xx

    1. That is already on his fannying about list! A small background heater to keep the frost at bay, if needed in our warming climate.

      Still pottering and you might have noticed that I have at last been allocate a lovely ‘me’ sort of allotment, so great excitement. I can hardly contain myself...


  2. I've closed down my "garden" for the season, too. Probably a week or two early, but that's when the help came.

    1. If you have help you can call on then all well and good Joanne. Best get the garden put to bed whenever help is on hand, a good idea.

      Keep well



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