Wednesday, 27 June 2018

Twinkle toes with...

treads like Pirelli’s rallycross finest.
Due in no small part to paddling around barefoot on concrete floors.

This is the scene today.
Chaos... the tiler is here, the kitchen is out of bounds as we wait for the levelling compound to set.  No cooking for me tonight, a 
result!  Although catching sight of myself in a shop window today, that is no bad thing.  I could easily get away with not eating for a week in order to regain my figure.  If only it was that easy?
Middle age spread has come to stay,  not only for a week’s holiday at the seaside either.  I suspect it will be harder to budge than a grown up child enjoying the home creature comforts by way of mum doing their cooking, washing and ironing, not to mention the peppercorn rent!
Here I sit looking at this scene straight out of Steptoe’s 
parlour, bored, as we wait for the stuff to set.  I wouldn't mind but in order to go upstairs to spend a penny, the cloakroom is being worked on as we speak, I have to go out of the door at the front, round to the back door which is actually the front door.  Are you still with me?  Probably not!
Due to the wall to wall chat I have found a reason to walk into Hythe twice today.  In theory I should be lithe and sylph-like especially after yoga this morning.  It unfortunately doesn’t seem to be working like that though!  Even the cold showers to burn off the bad fat are hard to ascertain?


  1. I hope you didn't add sleepwalking to your activity list!

    1. I am always pursuing some mad cap scheme, even flirted with having a dip the other day. There is a hard core of all weather swimmers who swim directly opposite us... women mostly. The strange thing is they all go in at different times.



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