Saturday, 23 June 2018

What is a girl to...

do with the rope from a gorilla cage?  I ask you?
It was obvious to me, wind it through the railings... naturally!
Contently I beavered away intent on my task little knowing that I was being watched.  The rope I ought to say probably hadn’t had so much attention since leaving the gorilla family.
Last night we went out for a meal.  It is still a novelty to walk to so many lovely restaurants.  Part of the reason for moving to Hythe... to walk and we do!  We got chatting to a couple on the next table, they asked where we lived and she instantly said
‘I thought I recognised you, 
what were you doing with that huge rope, we couldn’t work it out?’
They went on to say they had seen the big yellow bag and were intrigued as to the length of time it had been there, major work obviously!
Me, being me suggested next time they call in.  Well I do have 
previous: man despairs of me inviting the world and his wife in for tea.  It’s what I do, why should I change?

Can you see the rope?
The jury is still out as to whether it will stay and of course the man being a killjoy did say ‘Well it will have to come out when I paint the railings!’
Little does he know the job I had,
I plan to be out that day!?!  


  1. The rope looks great ! ( I would come for tea if I didn't live so far away )

  2. Gorilla cage rope? Where's the animal now? Gone for a stroll along the prom?
    Why twine it around the railings? A wind break at lower level?
    I'm still trying to work out this 'gorilla' reference … you're having us on!
    Margaret P

  3. Would I do that Margaret? It is genuine. Given to me by our builder, he, like me has a penchant for the odd and unusual. He, I assume got it from Lympne zoo? My thinking as you say, is to act as a windbreak.

    My problem is as always, the fine line I tread between quirky and naff!


  4. Replies
    1. Whether it goes back after the railings are painted... who knows? It was quite a job threading it through, glad you like it. I am now looking for jungly plants that can tolerate the sea air... then onto the back garden which I plan to turn into my secret garden. Coming from a very tucked out of the way cottage I do feel very exposed back and front... if you get my meaning!?!



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