Thursday, 27 June 2019

Just wish I...

wasn’t so revolting!
All my life from ban the bomb onwards I have been there in the thick of it.  The last demo I was on was outside the Chilcott Inquiry when Tony Blair gave evidence.  The husband was concerned for my safety as he posted me off on the train.  Me, well I felt young again as I walked up Whitehall with my black pashmina carefully appliqu├ęd with
Bliar !  The apostrophes were red hands dripping with blood.  Holding it aloft the SAS would have been proud of my marching drill as I stepped smartly out.

You can just about see the pashmina in the photo.

Today, after watching this week’s tv programme about the war on plastic, I decided to strike.  Himself dropped me off in full commando gear, oh, alright a summery dress... it’s soo blooming hot here!  I bought the essentials and in the supermarket carefully decanted them loose into my shopping bag. All the plastic was put in one of their plastic
shopping bags with the words.

‘I love your produce but NOT your excess use of plastic!’
Hashtag... OurPlasticFeedback .

The thing is from there the only thing I really like is their very flavoursome upmarket tomatoes, so that was a fib, however I wanted to make a point!  I asked to see the manager, who luckily was there,  As I presented him with the company’s ‘buggering up the ocean’s bounty’, he I thought, seemed singularly unimpressed, however as I
 walked away I felt from little acorns oak trees grow.

Living in the foodie town of Ludlow I will buy all produce loose from the small shops and the market. Just wish I didn’t have a conscience, next I will be worrying about all the ruddy trees that are being felled to make all the flaming brown paper bags!?!


  1. I admire your style. I'm far too lazy to do anything like it. I don't think I've ever marched for anything in my life. I'm a wimp. I love that other people do it. I know I should stand up and be counted and I always vote does that count? I also stopped buying veal when I heard about veal crates and have never touched it since and I buy freerange eggs and chicken does that count? Keep up the good work and I'll cheer you on from the sidelines and take all good advantage of all you win for me!! x ;)

    1. Not sure it works like that Marksgran. We all have to stand together, weight of numbers and all that. If you send me a photograph I could always get a cardboard cutout made of you and take that along as my able assistant and partner in crime. How does that sound?


  2. You know, you can buy all those products made of bamboo. Even TP. And tooth brushes. Give it an internet check.

    1. Will do Joanne, not sure how bamboo tomatoes would taste though?


  3. you don't need the paper bags either,mostly...just your own bag or basket

    1. No, you’re right, although not a good idea to carry raspberries home loose. I am now going to take plastic boxes gathered over lots of years with me, decant into them and give the offending single use ones straight back.


  4. I bought Grocery Totes, reusable and bring them with me... going Green does make me feel conscientious about my consumption to some degree. The Humor in your Posts always make me smile... you Go Girl!

    1. Yes I always have grocery totes about my person, think you mean fabric shoppings bags?

      Thanks for the mention of my skewered view on things, most times I think I’m just a daft tart. It’s hard to change the habits of a lifetime though!


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