Monday, 1 July 2019

The garden room is...

now sorted, well after a fashion?
The huge cupboard is stuffed full of boxes with all the paraphernalia of a crafting life that with the best will in the world hasn’t gone stratospheric!  A huge box of felting-making clobber, another full of felt enough to make Joseph a Sunday best coat, making his weekday coat very drab in comparison.  Snippets of Liberty fabric, an odd assortment of fabrics, a drawer full of every colour of sewing cotton.  My sewing machine sits forlorn under my desk, its sole aim in life these days is for me to rest my feet on!  Knitting needles enough to lay end to end and reach the moon, that you may have guessed was a fib?  Crochet hooks the same, that’s an even bigger one as they are so much shorter, obv!
After I’ve artistically rearranged the long book shelves all I need to do now is sit outside with Lacrosse stick held aloft and catch some talent floating by on the gentle breeze over the river Teme, easy!?!  On second thoughts a butterfly net might be better as I suspect the spores of talent are minuscule as thus far they have managed to avoid my flailing arms!

The interesting thing I have discovered on looking back on my last oh so many diaries is that all these years I’ve been on a diet and my flaming weight has stayed the same.  Is there a hidden message there I idly wonder?  Alright half a stone here and there, but an average taken would be pretty much as I am
today.  No reason for complacency LL I tell 
myself as today Monday another diet hoves  
into view!

The garden is stuffed with the most beautiful array of flowers and interesting plants with I suspect something showy for every season.
Yesterday I lashed the garden hoe and rake across between two arches as the two clematis were determined to join together in holy 
matrimony. I decided to make the union formal by sealing their fumblings with string and gaffer tape.  I’m nothing if not an advocate of doing things right and proper!?!
As I stepped back to admire my handiwork, mindful obviously of making sure I had got off the ladder first!  I fast forwarded in my mind’s eye to next year when I will introduce a larger arch.  This cobbled together way at
least let’s me see whether my idea would work
 or not?

My other idea of replacing some of the paving stones with a creeping thyme or camomile lawn  have been scotched by my reading that a dog’s  administrations would kill them off!

Oh, by the way I forgot to say we will be getting a rescue dog!

Sometime after the two lots of fairly major jobs have been done and we have returned from our trip to the Highlands in September.  
Then all will be set fair for settling a lost soul into a loving home.


  1. Yay! Lots to look forward to. x

    1. Yup! Loving this little garden, sitting now on a sunny evening with the sound of the river burbling over the weir.


  2. Replies
    1. Translation please gz... is (O) good or head-stratchingly bad?


  3. (O) We came, saw, and dropped a pebble in the pond. In this case, your brook.

    1. Thank you Joanne. I do like to be in the know.


  4. Hooray.....you have worn the OH down at last with your doggie pleas!!
    You won't regret it. I have had only 2 dogs. The first was a rescue aged 5 when my youngest son was 14, and we had him for 11 years plus. His demise was the worst thing that happened to me, but we soon had our puppy Alexi ( schnauzer) to love. He is now 6 and his life is going by much too fast, but even with the problems of getting him looked after when we want to do anything......it is worth it!! Can't wait to see your new dog when the time comes.
    Lucky you living by the weir, and hearing the water. Saves having a " water feature" in the garden.

  5. All I had to do at his suggestion I hasten to add (if that doesn’t say something I don’t know what does?) was release him from his promise! Being a total clot it hadn’t dawned on me to do exact that. I have watched him over the time we have been here, he is so lovely with all the dogs we meet. His request is we get a proper dog and we are in complete agreement about getting a rescue. My last dog Lettice was six months old when she chose me, she was a quivering wreck at the beginning, who over the fifteen years of her life was a complete joy. She shared with me so much, good and bad in our lives. So you can understand my wanting to hopefully do the same again? A two way street... oops should have said three way!



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