Thursday, 4 July 2019

I have a thing...

enamel cookware
mirrors on outside walls
unusual earrings
magnetic bookmarks
dahlias, which to me are like garlic 
to a vampire
manicured gardens
men in singlets, orange in particular 
televisions on in every room with nobody watching any of them
noise, man made
big talkers 
tomatoes, I am the founder member of 
Tomatoholics Anonymous  
mascara, where would us girls be 
without it 
men adjusting their bits
smelly dogs, or don’t you notice the pong of your own dog
beetroot, my tipple of choice these days is beetroot juice and spicy tomato
champagne, except I’ve lost the taste
crisps, so good but so bad
housework, what is the point as within hours the dust is settling again 
having lots of ideas but being too idle to do much about them
feeling guilty when for too many years to mention I have worked blooming hard, and now feel flaming uncomfortable doing nowt
swimming, alright I know it’s good for you 
but what a bind it is trying to get a damp 
bod back into a brassiere 
fashion in things from veganism, dogs, the colour grey, Dr. Scholls with soles fashioned from railway sleepers, kaftans, clean eating... wot is that?
mobile phones
wipes, what was wrong with Bronco, alright not the most comfortable I agree

My thoughts, just the tip of the iceberg: which en masse are rapidly melting into the sea taking along with it, the pack ice, the polar bears’ hunting ground. 

Bet you can think of many more?
Good and bad...


  1. Your list is great, and gave me some smiles. Dahlias "Like garlic to a vampire".

    1. Once I finished it there were so many more I could have put!


  2. I love tomatoes, salmon, new potatoes (I think I might be hungry at the moment!), a good book, my dog, my husband, my children (probably in that order) my garden, my house, my art room, my conservatory, plums off my victoria plum tree, sweet corn from my garden, going out for nice lunches with nice people in nice places! I dislike: men adjusting their bits, politicians, tea without sugar, too many dull rainy days in the summer, hairdressers (probably more going to the hairdresser rather than the person themself), snails and slugs, mindless tv, trying to read books I don't understand, being cold, swimming (same reason as you) weetabix, crisp bread, stinky cheese, having too much planned to do in a week. These are the things that come to mind but I'm sure there are more! x

    1. I totally get your ‘trying to read books I don’t understand’, my trouble is I don’t like light reading and I can’t manage too heavy a tome. I start off with the best of intentions then I reach a point where I think is this a struggle? Yes, at which point I chuck it out of the window... as it were!


  3. Gosh. That got me thinking! I share the swimming thing - yuck - and Marksgran's dislike of hairdressers. I hate words being mangled (I put my clothes into a wardrobe, not a robe, thank you very much) people who can't tear themselves away from their phones and I loathe litter. Drivers who don't indicate and people who are just plain rude can also go on the naughty step. I love music, especially listening to random tunes on the radio, naval history (a bit strange for a land-locked female) and blue and white china. I adore colourful rooms that reveal their owner's personality, home-cooked food and beautiful English gardens. I hate the way nobody is allowed to have an opinion any more without having to apologise constantly for it and that debates seem to be won by the people who shout loudest, rather than those with the best ideas. Finally, I love books, books and more books!

    1. Ooh err... so many things there I agree with! And of course books, what a clot not to put books on my list Also love your colourful rooms saying a lot about folk... I always look at people’s shopping trolleys to see what food they buy, that also tells you so much.


  4. Great list. My swimming thing is, avoid water someone probably has urinated in. Taken a piss, so to speak.

    1. Absolutely blooming’lutely! Audrey, remember her and my soul searching about moving (?) said to me just the other day ‘When my leg heals I will go swimming again!’ Her legs at 95 are paper thin and split at the slightest provocation. My reply was people piddle in the pool Aud, is it a good idea? Her reply well it’s chlorinated! I give up!


  5. I am feeling tired at the moment so can't be bothered to think up a long list of things I don't like, but there must BE a long list ! I agree with swimming....it is much too " wet". I was moaning the other day about phone in radio shows and it seems to be the fashion now to say" Thank you for taking my call" before they start. I guess one person said it and everyone else has jumped onto that particular bandwagon to be " polite". Also, they say " how are you" to the radio person....as if we care. If they weren't Ok they would be at home in bed not hosting a radio show. To finish...for now....We, my pal and I, when we are walking the dogs along the old railway track and cyclists come along.....we grab the dogs and stand politely to one side to let them hurtle by.......so many don't say Thank You. We often shout it after them...as long as they look smaller than us !!

    1. That made me laugh... as long as they look smaller than us. Are you tired Frances or just hot?



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