Friday, 30 November 2018

This meditation lark...

must be working.
Sitting waiting for my haircut, my lovely hairdresser was chatting away to his client who was having the full-on festive tinfoil turkey treatment. They were endlessly talking about school football and how this woman’s son had been dropped from the team.  He stopped  wrapping her hair to expound a point about her best course of action, all the while seemingly oblivious to the hands of the clock nimbly creeping round.  I amazed myself by registering a half hour slip by, then another quarter as my appointment time knocked on towards an hour late. I was totally chilled thinking calm thoughts, not letting the old three laps of ceiling ways of yore get the upper hand.
Eventually it was my turn, he whizzed through mine, surprisingly?

How would you like it today L?

‘Cut it long, I am planning on growing it!’
His mouth opened and closed and
 then he cut it long with gusto!
To make up for lost time the old me would have evilly thought.
The new me was so chilled I didn’t give a flying fig...

Thursday, 29 November 2018

My little...

Now, I don’t know about you 
I find I am getting increasingly odd.
Finishing my hand sewn Christmas cards, which I ought to say making  has given me great joy and contentment.
In the past I have always used a sewing machine, which I now know doesn’t bring the same level of 
Come on get to the point LL!
Every little scrap of fabric offcuts I can’t bring myself to throw away.  Even though for the life of me I can’t envisage using them any time soon.  Or come to that... ever!
Carefully I stow them away.

Life at the mo is living at the coalface of house selling.  Our purchasers are having a wobble about Brexit and how the world as we know it will come crashing down.  Me, after a hiccup 
healthwise, blood pressure off the
 scale have decided to meditate.  Twice a day, I get in the zone of acknowledging the worries and letting them go.  Which I ought to say seems to be working.  I am cheery and back to my almost old self.  My head is no longer full of  what ifs, similar to  a fart in a colander looking for a hole   to get out, type of thing.  Is it any wonder my head was on the launch pad on an unmanned mission to Uranus?
I am calm, chilled, enjoying sewing and being creative.

If the folk decide against our home, I will be sad, but let’s get things in perspective here, we are in the top 2% of people on the planet... life is good.
Oh, and I forgot to explain my other strange little idiosyncrasies.  They can wait for another day.

Saturday, 17 November 2018

mobile phones...

I know, I know I have whinged about these ghastly contraptions before, however...
I do consider myself a modern woman... old but abreast with the times... ish!
Wherever you go folk, old, young and inbetweeners walk along with a phone clapped to their ear.  What? They can’t even enjoy a stroll along the prom, wander in a forest, climb a mountain without flaming well talking?  Who do they talk to, who is interested enough to talk endless twaddle about god knows what?  We even last night overtook a woman walking along in the dark by the canal looking at her illuminated screen.  Well good luck with circumnavigating the uneven pavement and dog poo!
Taking pictures of food in restaurants and sending it to family and friends... What?
Who in their right mind is vaguely interested?  Sat in the dark viewing holiday slides on a contraption, trying hard not to 
nod off comes horribly to mind.

Alright I know I am showing my age... but still!
Enjoy the walk, the meal the solitude, pause for thought about the state of the world.
Enjoy just being!

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