Sunday, 28 October 2018

We got to thinking,,.

like you do... 
Where have the years gone?
Ten years ago today we were married on the London Eye.
In the blink of an eye, the last decade has flown.
We have laughed, we have cried (when our much loved little dog died), in the main we have had a blast.  Not at all what you might expect from a pair of old codgers?
As we sit washed up on the shore of life, well Hythe actually.  We raise our bubbles to the next chapter...
fingers crossed and with a following wind our destination is pencilled, nay, inked in with a broad nib and quill pen... Shropshire...

Sunday, 14 October 2018

I now know...

why I prefer...
palazzo pants?
This morning I decided to don a pair of linen trousers.  You know the sort, those with a waistband, button and zip.
Well, I don’t mind telling you, I had convinced myself I was losing weight.  What with all the trogging up and down ladders in and out of the loft, walking, oh, alright there is usually a pub at the end of it!  Lifting and shifting, the weight was dropping off... obv!  Added to which the last time I wore them I was pleasantly surprised at the slack!?!  Must, just must, have only got better, surely to goodness?
Err... not so!
If you think about it your body is an interesting bit of kit, no matter how much exercise you do it will have the last word, it seems to take great delight in highlighting your inadequacies.  I wouldn’t mind but in my world I
like to have the last say...

Saturday, 13 October 2018

All is quiet here...

so much to tell. I am afraid the spell will be broken if I do.  We have had our offer on our dream cottage accepted, the first folk through the door agreed to buy our seaside home.  Now it only remains for me to take a daily ‘be patient’ tablet.
I would love to say more but I am affrighted of spoiling the magic.

Saturday, 6 October 2018

I am rapidly...

morphing into a dotty old dear.

What gives me that idea you might wonder?
I’ve started making chutney.
Wearing a beret, at a jaunty angle I hasten to add.
Donning bigger knickers, much more comfortable, what!
Buying bras without underwires. I fear the next step will be going braless, so much more comfortable, what!
Ditto elastic waistbands.
Sensible shoes, with feet this wide is there any other way?
Comfort is the name of the game.
I let my hair go grey years ago, trouble now is at my last visit to the hairdressers I asked for a bob.  With my chubby cheeks, not sure it is the best look?
At least I don’t need a perm.
For an old dear I am inordinately proud of my wrinkle free neck.  Not so my chin which each morning the passing fishing boats set 
their clocks to the sight of me sat plucking out my nine o clock shadow by my bedroom window.  The thing that baffles me is that while my chin gets the distinct look of the bloke on the packet of Senior Service ciggies, my eyebrows grow more sparse by the day?
After all these years I am having to wear reading glasses, until now I have been specs-free.  Not hearing a blooming word, vainly I crowed about not needing spectacles.  Pride goeth before a 
fall! Early cataracts lurk.

And another thing I have developed BPPV (vertigo) which is a total pain as yoga triggers it and my weekly class I did reluctantly enjoy.  Now I have a perfect excuse not to go and after all this time of Elizabeth Bott type ‘I don’t want to go!’ I don’t have to and I AM NOT HAPPY!

Is all of this normal of a woman of advancing years?  Trouble is... I don’t want to be NORMAL!

Friday, 5 October 2018

There’s a thing...

as I sit here surveying my life... the house by the sea is done.  All on the surface is superb, my dreams, schemes are there for all to see, very lovely it all looks too.  However my heart isn’t in it.  I can’t actually pinpoint what is lacking?
It surely isn’t the orchids which against all odds have flowered, the lighting which for women of a certain age casts the most gentle of lights?  What exactly?

Ancient to modern, not for me.
Admitting this I feel shallow and to most I am, however the time has come to admit this living cheek by jowl by the sea was a mistake... 

‘A wise man changes his mind, a fool never does!’

We are moving...

BIg pink knickers…

 eat your heart out. Those of you who on occasion have been tempted to plough through my ramblings might remember my horror of dahlias and m...