Tuesday, 16 February 2021

The witch, the cauldron and the...


The allotment is slowly being Letticed!  Not Cos or Iceberg obviously!

The‘pot’I found looking forlorn, unloved even.  I know, I will make it centre stage in my Steptoe-type allotment. Just need a couple of other likely old crones to join me in the initiation ceremony come the next full moon.  Any offers?  The Hythe gorilla rope makes a super edging well at least, that is my opinion. 

The fireplace is huge, even the the fireplace man says he has never seen one so deep.  Bearing in mind it is such a tweeny inglenook it looks as if it could incorporate a priest hole?

Thursday, 11 February 2021

We have reached the...

eating the pom-poms stage...

That in a nutshell is why there has been radio silence.

What can I say?

Life on the

allotment.  A flavour…   Ludlow town wall stands guard    No Dig is the way forward Charles Dowding