Tuesday, 29 December 2020

We squelched, we...

 skidded, we squished, we slipped and slithered.  With stout legs pumping we valiantly wallowed on.

‘Imagine the Norman soldiers marching towards Ludlow Castle through this lot!’

‘All without Goretex and stout waterproofed boots’ my reply floated on the still snowy air.

Snow it really wasn’t, from a distance it looked, well snowy.  On closer inspection it was just frozen water.  Alright I am fully aware that that is exactly the composition of snow, however this was poor mans snow, thin like gruel.  

‘Let’s walk on the footpath at the fields edge instead of the lane’ intrepidly I cried.  I walked in at 5’4” out at 6’3” the mud, mud glorious mud, nothing quite like it for growing the bod. 

A family the other side of the hedgerow powered by as we ploughed valiantly on with ageing limbs screaming at the injustice.

‘Not the best of ideas!’ He said as we rejoined the lane at the footpath’s end.  Walking through puddles my inner child resurfaced as I cleaned my boots... 

Splish, splash, splosh, 

happy again.

The family far away on the horizon disappeared into the snowy landscape looking for all the world like Lowry figures as they diminished into the distance.  And in a puff of snow were gone.

Hanging in the hedge was a large chunk of straw...

‘Got a bag?’

‘Only a doggy-do bag!’

‘That’ll do!’

In wonder he watched as I carefully stuffed the bag full of the bounty of the hedgerow.

‘Been easier to buy what you want from a pet shop’ he chuntered under his breath. He has long ago given up on asking what the plan is I have in mind!

We took it in turns to carry it looking for all the world as if Ellie’s diet was straw and not much else?  Jauntily I walked along gaily swinging the thing pleased with my unlooked for treasure.

Getting home tired but happy, I charged Ellie’s Kong with cheese and special biscuits.

Meanwhile our chunks of homemade Christmas cake and wodge of strong cheddar undid all the good the walk had done.  Galleons of builders strength tea ensured these intrepid  soldiers were fortified on their return to camp.


  1. The fields and paths around us are sodden too..pity the animals.

  2. Yes, it can’t be much fun for them. The only animals we saw yesterday were of the human kind and not many of them either.


  3. It's all frozen solid here now which I am eternally grateful for! The bottom half of our garden is totally sodden and when the dog runs down there to chase the monsters he comes back smelling like he's been in a stagnant pond! We've tried to block most of it off but he always finds a route! Either he's determined to catch the monsters or he thinks it smells lovely! I wait with bated breath to see what your planning for your straw! x

    1. I’d have to kill you if I told you MG... it’s for the heart of my tree fern to keep the frost away... bit like a tree fern Liberty bodice...


  4. So now you're drying it thoroughly in front of the fire. My first thought was that you've acquired a guinea pig, rabbit or tortoise and this was extra bedding, but no - nothiong as ordinary as that - and it's quite a small amount of straw. So is it something to do with . . . . COOKING? A hay box?

    1. Not sure about using it for a hay box not after all the sparrows had pooed on it Frances?


  5. Hard, walking in all that mud, and good job you found puddles to get it off again.

    1. Me and muck have an infinity... call me an ageing tomboy and you would have it spot on...


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